Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some Wonder-ments....

Caution: A bit of 'male-bashing' coming right up... so in case you are one of those men, who think too highly of yourself or you are one of those, 'MCPs'... (pardon the language)... i suggest, you dont read further... and come back when i write a new post! :) (u know i dont wanna loose readers.. and i am not always this bashing-types).... [innocent smile]....

So.... I was just wondering:

  • Why are men so full of themselves? 
  • Why do men, despite not knowing the directions to a location, would rather go round and round and loose way, than ask a woman (who probably does know the way.... but is left unheard)
  • Why do men 'make a joke' and 'pull your leg' and get so oh-so-angry-and-pouty when a woman pulls their leg and says something funny about them? I mean, they can get sarcastic and 'apparently funny', but if the woman does the same thing - its a 'oh-you-are-so-bad-with-jokes'?
  • Why do men  get so defensive if you criticize them? They always have a 'joke' ready in their pockets... in case you try and criticize them - just an effort guys, to make you more 'human'!
  • Men have this bad habit of behaving weirdly in front of their wives/girl friends/partners when they are in the esteemed company of their male back-slapping friends (brothers).... why is it so difficult to give respect to women in front of your friends guys? Why cant you just behave normally like you do when you are alone with us? A Man get possessive about the woman when they are around 'her' friends' but suddenly in front of his 'male' friends, all the decorum goes flying out of the window!
  • Whenever the woman and her girlfriend talk privately, why is it that the man thinks that we are definitely 'bitching' about them? i mean come onnnn guys..we could be discussing very very private and intimate details!!!!
  • Why are men so aggressive about everything they do.. and they have this weird 'reverse psychology' going on with the women... that does get on to me!
  • Why do men think, its a thing of 'pride' if they do not know how to give women surprises? I mean - how difficult is it? Don't forget important dates, give lots of flowers, give lots of surprises (small ones will also do) and always give compliments when the woman makes an effort to dress up! 
hmmm... just wondering...

PS: ohh i do love men.. and i think they are adorable and nice.. but sometimes their attitude and their testosterone gets on to me!!!! grrr...

The House is Full of Guests.....

Phew... i finally got some time after the long and amazing weekend.. to write... you see.. I am busy playing the 'perfect host' at home! Seems like the year started with a lot of 'travelling' (which i love) and a lot of 'guests-coming' (which i love too, as in, i love to take care of people)...so after parents.. came my Best Friend of over 12 years... Rads.. I cannot begin to tell you how excited i was that she was coming.. plans were made, itineraries were drawn... parties were planned.. leave was taken...and names were put on various guest lists! It was 'Partyy-hyy time'!!!!! :D
So we did a Masquerade Ball at Opus, a Submerge evening at Fuga, a Spa session and a short trip to Bheemeshwari (for a day picnic complete with Poha and Cold Salami sandwiches) and of course the alcohol! :).... It was a great fun weekend...and we had a blast... there was a whole lot of 'male bashing' that my hubby endured... but then.. he knows.. when Rads n I meet, the men go insignificantly to the background! :) 
So she left today, and tomorrow, another very close friends (couple) Ash and Sid are landing and staying the full weekend..and i cant wait to spend time with my Favourite couple... they are not only fun but fun-er and awesome company...and i guess its been 'forever' that i saw my favourite 'biatch'... Ash i mean! :P.. so there is a College Reunion, Pancake session, Home-made food session and a party planned! 
A full weekend, coming right up! 

PS: Don't worry Anand and Rakesh (my Blog buddies) - i will still manage to write about something that i want to write about.. gimme time till tomorrow! ;) till then, kindly endure the 'update' post! hehe....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Knock Knock! Who's There? Tag. Tag who? Tag-on to know me more... :P

So i DO work..and i DO have a lot of work pending..but what the hell... i have been meaning to do this for a while now.. I am a Facebook Addict.. I know I know.. So i have been seeing these 'tags' have been doing the rounds lately.. therefore i decided to spend a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, talking about '25 Random Things You May Want To Know About Me' (no pressure... ) This is me - Tanu - under the microscope... for you! :)
  1. Love the Rain... I love the Ocean... I love the Greenery... I love the Mountains.. I love the Scenery and the Breathtaking Views.... they take me to my Happy Place..
  2. I am a Discovery Travel & Living Addict.. I love House-renovation, travelling, cooking shows and tattoo shows and bike shows on it! :) And 
  3. Dancing is my passion.. it is something i 'do' to de-stress, to enjoy, for mood upliftment etc. I Live to Dance and I Dance to Live... It has sort of become my persona - i even choreograph steps in my head when i listen to a certian number.. :) Psst - i know belly dancing too! wink wink!
  4. I love to Bake and Cook - I love to hunt for receipes and creating 'culinary wonders' in my kitchen.. expecially when it comes to Baking - its a passion! :)
  5. My Family matters the most to me - i, somehow, want to do lots for my parents and my sister - and i will forever be indebted to them for everything they have done for me! sniff sniff... 
  6. Continuing from that.... I am extremely bad in 'saying' out my feelings aloud... i truely SUCK at it... i just cant say 'i love you' to my mom.. and i cant get myself to say 'lovey-dovey' things to my husband... and i cant do PDA with anyone.. but i CAN write it all down and give it to them (my mother has a stack of letters from me and so does my sister and my hubby! :P)
  7. Love My Partner - if i start describing what i feel for him, i would probably go on to a new post.. but i do.. for eternity.. he is the best thing that has happened to me ever.. and i Thank God, every day for giving me Soubhagya.. he has been a pillar, a pillow, a punching bag, a shoulder, a friend, a support and everything else... he is my 'Everything' and i am fiercely crazy about him... :)
  8. I Love to Talk and i Love to Write.. therefore the blog (duhh)... and people actually ask me if i am on Steroids..coz they cant seem to believe where i get my energy from.. Well you see - i am a happy person..and i love to blabber... i love to gossip..and i love people around me.. therefore.. i have the energy to endure a conversation for the longest time! :)
  9. I Love Dogs - they make my day.. Gimme a Bad Day and then gimme a Pup - and i am happy as a monkey! :) I, infact, wanted to marry one.. not the monkey.. you food.. the Pup.. ! teeheee
  10. I am extremely Emotional... but i also come under the package deal of - Emotional but Logical. You see.. i get logical in 'dire situations' and 'when solving problems'... but i get emotional when it comes to 'friends', 'families' and 'loved ones'...you could call me an 'Emotional Fool'!!!
  11. I lost 12 kgs in 3 months last year and i feel extremely sexy now.. but there is not 1 second in my life that i dont 'fret' about piling on that weight and becoming a 'cow' again! yikeesss!
  12. I Love to Eat - My favourite 'thing to do' is - try out new Cuisine.... but then, my favourite food is -- Italian, Lebanese, Indian, Mediterranean, Continental Fusion, Mexican and Thai (i know i know.. it sort of covers it all.. but wat to do? as i said...i Love Food)
  13. I Have an 'inferiority complex' about myself. I feel that i am below-average in looks and therfore i try to compliment or cover it by 'fooling around' and making others laugh! 
  14. I love to 'give surprises'! I think i was born to do that.. Since i remember.. i have been giving Surprises to my mom, dad, sister, friends, now hubby, etc etc etc... i just love to see that 'smile'.. that 'happiness' and the 'shock' on the faces of my loved ones.. it sort of makes my day!
  15. I hate getting 'Expensive' Gifts.. My day is made if you give me - a Rose, a hand-made card an ice-cream, a compliment or even a hug... :)
  16. I am very Transparent at Heart -- You see what i am and you hear what i feel inside! there is no Pretence and there is no Hypocricy... I dont believe in keeping things within...and cant stay still till i say it out!...
  17. I DETEST Hypocrites and Show-Offs!! aarrggh... if i see one in sight, i shall definitely want a licence to Punch the Species! :X
  18. I am fiercely over-protective about my Little Sister.. i can get quite out-of-hand if there is anything/anybody bothering her.. infact i also get quite protective about my friends..you talk crap about them and i unleash my 'bad bad' side to you.oh trust me! i can get really bitchy when i need to! :)
  19. I Love to Party... and Party Hard - you will catch me on most weekends dancing my A** off at the closest disc.... I love to catch up with frends over music and drinks and enjoy a nightout! :)... somehow i have become the 'Yellow Pages ' of parties amongst my friends.
  20. I Love Archies Comics - i have a stack at home..and if ever given i chance.. i would buy that instead of a novel! ;) and psst - i love Betty! 
  21. I love to 'take care of people'! ahem..yaa.. i will 'feed you', get 'protective' about you.. get all 'mommy around you'... and i am extremely good at being an SOS listener.. dude! you bare ur heart out to me and i will have both my ears fully-open and my mouth ready to shoot off 'solutions'! :)
  22. When i get very angry... i start crying - yes i do! sniff sniff.. I will not be able to 'give it back' to you immediately but after 24 hours of pondering over it, i will think of 'retorts' that i 'could have' said..." i will say it the next time..."
  23. I can become 'friends' with you in precisely 5 minutes.. i swear i can! Give me 5 minutes and i have this innate ability to make you feel comfortable and right at home!
  24. I Talk animatedly about anything and everything... Give me one 'story' or an 'incident' and i will make it a Conversation Delicacy for the next 1/2 hour.
  25. I Love Music.. Anything.. any Kind.. Any Genre will do.. so next time - dont ask me what kind of music i listen to! coz my answer will be "anything that is good" - and i dont know the definition of 'good' for music.. its just anything! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009


ok.... so it wasnt like a shopping spree i went on.. nor did i spend hours and money on amazing dresses and jeans...but...


ok ok....stop with the yelling.. 'Jeetendar Jeetendar'...and you... stop with the 'tohfa tohfa' jig... now! :P:P

But i love them.. for the first time in my life i have bought anything white... never did, owing to my problematic thighs! grr.... but now!!! coz they are slim fit and uber-hot! i think i look kinda sexy! hehe... (no harm in self-praise)! ;)

And i am wearing them to work too! i think i feel like Sarah Jessica Parkar strutting around in Sex & the City! hehe..

alrighties...tadaa... and Have a lovely weekend.. hope you all have sent your dirty pink chaddis to the Mutalik Man! :P

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Look Look...i look like them!!! :D Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Blank family tree - Family photo sharing

teeheee...wat kicks we get out of these vague things online! :P... but yes..it is a great ego-booster to see that i am 67% Tata young and Beyonce!! wooohiii! ;)

PS: no idea who Ruslana is??? Men...you may know! ;)

and almost a month later... tired...wanting another holiday...

So... i am back.. after almost a month of crazy crazy days...and weeks.. don't ask! it has been one roller coaster ride of activities..visits...work..blah blah blah..and absolutely no time to write.. so i should fill you up on what i have been up to.. even though i am quite tempted to skip this all and go directly to 'full throttle bitching' (which i intend to do somewhere down this post)....pissed and grrr-ed about a lot of things around me....

so... after my 'no shopping syndrome' (which i proudly and unfortunately say - still continues..woohooo and whaaan)... my parents and my lil sis were in town..and we had an absolute Blast!!! it was THE high point of the month gone by! i made my parents extremely proud [pull up my non-existent collar]..by cooking for them exotic dishes..my mother couldn't stop gushing "meri beti kitni susheel ho gayi hai" (my daughter has become so smart).... pancakes...kebabs..poha..omlettes...i fed them all! :) took my dad and family out to  a club.. (it was my dad's first time in a club and he was thrilled)...took off to ooty for a weekend... which i must say is beautiful..not really the town but the surroundings and the hotel we stayed in -- Sherlock hotel! so all in all..10 days went by in a flash and before i knew it my work was piling up... aaah!

what else? oh! my best Friend is coming down in the last week of feb.. and that is what i am looking forward to.. cant wait to put my feet up and chill..which also means "i am not feeling well today cough cough" at work...and partying! yippe doodle yaya!!! :)

i saw Luck By Chance and Slumdog Millionaire...and the latter was fantabulous...and i will fight with whoever says that - the film only showed bad side of india.. coz really..guys open your eyes..that's what 60% of India is! and accept it and do something about it!!!..and honestly..the movie is not about India... the movie is about a 'Slum dweller' who becomes a millionaire! so why make a mountain out of a mole hole! or whatever... Luck by chance was Good -- but slow.. farhan was good..Konkana was natural and at her best..in fact the movie i felt was more about her! so yeah i liked.. :)

oooh and i fume at the thought of the Ram Sena or whatever crap they are...trying to occupy print and media space..by doing unimaginable and extremely derrogatory things to women? why the hell are they doing this in the name of Sri Ram?? could someone explain? who are they? my father does not say anything to my going to club..then who are they? maaan...i didnt wanna put the news channel..lest i hear them talk bulll! seriously...We need to see wayy beyond all this in our country.. if they think this is not our culture..then they should probably burn up Hampi and Khajuraho..and bury Kama Sutra copies...! that was indian culture rite? as far as i remember my history! grrr..to them..and their attitude..and i hope that our political and legal system wake up before its too late!

That's about it.. i guess.. 1 month of frenzy and 'need to bitch'! anyone open for that? and i plan to dedicate 2 posts to 'tags' ..i even though i have not been tagged on any of the subjects..i shall take them from Friends and give due credit.. dont worry guys..i am not anu malik! ;)

tadaaaa.... and see ya before the next month is over... :)
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