Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Thought

What is God's plan when He gets you to meet people, who are absolutely the most amazing..but ensures that the 'togetherness' doesn't last long?

What is God's plan when He gets you so close to certain individuals only to part them in a short period of time?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Confessions of a Dreamy-head!

A girl is a girl is always a girl! So I say. When have you found a girl who has not had a list of 'Wants & Needs'. I have my list ready. A few loves, desires, wants... some impossible..some definitely possible. I am not talking about your atypical I-want-that-Prada-bag-with-those-Gucci-shoes kinda gal.. I am talking more about...aah.. well... read on and you may want to define the 'kind'! :)
  1. Backpack across Europe: and by Backpacking, I mean in the true hotels, getting lifts on trucks, supper at a local's house..
  2. Live in the Caribbean Islands: somehow I feel they are happiest people in the world. Why wouldn't living by the Beach not make anyone happy? :P
  3. Getting proposed in true-blue romantic style: I know. I know. I am married. But I have not been proposed to yet. :) And I am not talking about Sky-writing, putting ring in the pudding/champagne... I want something that is absolutely dreamy..
  4. Own an Island: Haha.. why not?
  5. Own a Horse: Just the horse..not the stable.. just the horse!
  6. Attend a Premiere in LA: I think this is E!-hangover. But its definitely on my mind.
  7. Go Skydiving: i am sooper scared of heights.. but this is something I definitely wanna do.
  8. Learn to speak a 3rd Language: Sooo wanna do that! I suck at learning a new language..but I definitely wanna learn French/Spanish
  9. Adopt a Pup: This is definitely possible in a few years' time! :)
  10. New Year's at Times Square: :) Who doesn't want this?
What's your list? :)

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