Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life Like That.. Gimme Ideas!

So I know.. Rakesh has already pointed that I have not written for a 'Million years now'! I am sooo sorrry guys.. been too busy with life..and more than anything else, I have been having a 'writers' block' kinda syndrome.. Dont know how to tackle it..So what i have decided is to make a list of things that I wanna write about..maybe that should help..

But evertime I sat down in front of the 'New Post'... nothing! Zilch! zap! Sigh... I think a bit of the credit of 'the block' goes to my life..which is kinda changing colours every minute.. too many changes.. too many things to handle..and honestly i am this simple tiny person..who doesnt really like too many changes... but then, kya karein...have to deal with them (I have already mentioned this in my previous post)
PS: I did mention the block..i am sure you know one of the side-effects of it is -- Repeating oneself! hmph!

So... I promise.. Every week.. I will try and come up with 1 topic to write about..for sure.. even if it is just 2 lines.. wat say?

Maybe -- aaaah..wait wait.. *ting tong..dimaag ki ghanti bajee* ...You Guys can tell me what I should write about.. Anything? Something? Whateverthing? You give me a topic..and I shall elaborate! ;) Whatsay? Balle Balle..this sounds like fun! *now crossing fingers and hoping I get responses*

Ok! The Ball is in your court now... Give me Ideas.. Come On Come On! You can do it! :)


Anonymous said...

Everybody is writing about Rakhi ka swayamwar and Sach ka Samna :)

Or you could continue with your interesting irrelevant gossip :D

Pictures of you are always welcome as well ;-)

Tanu Anand said...

LOL @ Rakesh.. yeah ur rite.. i dont wanna be 'everybody else' discussing Rakhi ji and Sach Ji! :P:P... though i admire the woman and i like the Sach..its gossipy.. :P

I think i will continue with my irrelevant gossip haha...Pics eh?? tehee... yes my lord! :P

Anonymous said...

feels so nice to hear to 'my lord' from a woman ;-) he he

Tanu Anand said...

@Rakesh - uuuuuu naughty lil man! :P LOL

sonali said...

hey y dont u write a series on any topic, like if u like serious stuff then write on current affairs, if u want to write a fiction den write on love n heart breaks, or else make it a simple series only for girls ;)
some thing like a series of post on kitty parties.....something, hope i do not sound foolish :P

Tanu Anand said...

@ Sonali.. thanks a lot and no it doesnt sound foolish at all..infact it gave me ideas! :) will do the writing very very soon!

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