Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last One here.. but its not over yet!

Hey my lovelies....

So after a whole lot of laziness.. tardinesss..and another bunch of nessses... I have finally-hy moved my blog to Wordpress.. Yes Yes I did it Myself! ;)

After seeing a few other blogs on Wordpress, I really feel it has better options, layout etc etc.

My Blog now comes with a whole new name, identity and what-nots. I am superbly excited about it and I hope that this will pave the way for my consistent writing (which I really need to/want to do).

Adieus my friends on Blogger.. Please save my new Blog address in your precious e-diaries..coz that is where the action will be!! I promise!!

See you on the other side of the blogworld! Till then, loveeeee and luckk! :D


Lydia said...

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Anand said...

Captain's Log - May 28th 2010. We seem to have lost our fiery fighter to other worldly virtues during some "Casual talkings". She may not be coming back but I cannot give up hope.
I know she has survived but she cannot abandon us like this.

Here's hoping she returns.

*Harman* said...

nice...I like the expression!

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